Updates to the 2018 National Booklet

January 16th 2018

Updates have been made to the 2018 National Information Booklet.

Please click on these links to view:-   Update No. 1     Update No. 2

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2018 National Information Booklet

December 17th 2017

The information booklet for everything you need to know is now on the website front page.

This booklet is dynamic and additional information will be added when it becomes available.

You can view the booklet here:    2018 National Information Booklet

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2018 National Dachshund Specialty Show Schedule

October 17th 2017

The show schedule for the 2018 National is now available on the 2018 National page.

This show schedule is a dynamic document and may be subject to changes between now and show day.

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IVDD Test Results added

October 10th 2017

IVDD Test Results for two Mornoble Standard Long Haired Dachshunds have now been added to the database.

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One more IVDD Test Result added

October 2nd 2017

Standard Smooth Dachshund Ch. Gersndach Quater Master IVDD Test Result added to the database.

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Miniature Wire tested for IVDD

September 30th 2017

Miniature Wire Haired Dachshund Ch. Syrma La Classique owned by Elke Moser has been added to the IVDD database.

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More IVDD Test Results added

July 19th 2017

Two more IVDD test results have been added to the Health Test Database.

One Standard Smooth Dachshund &
One Miniature Smooth Dachshund

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2018 National Specialty Show in Sydney

July 8th 2017

Accommodation information for the 2018 National being held in Sydney is now available on the 2018 National page.

If anyone has any questions please contact Nikki Anastas direct by:-

Email: nikki1@ozemail.com.au

Mobile:-  0411 463 885

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IVDD Testing Data

April 13th 2017

For every dog listed in the IVDD database the test result of it’s sire and dam has now been added where available.
This will provide valuable data towards the success of the X-Ray program.

The first miniature smooth to be notified has also been added.

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cord 1 PRA Test Results added

March 4th 2017

More cord 1 PRA test results have now been added to the health tests database.

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