National Dachshund Council Handbooks

The Australian Dachshund Handbook and Records 1970 -1988 was published in 1988.
This excellent record of the Dachshund in Australia was compiled by Jean Davis and Robin Hill.
There are no longer any copies of this book available for sale.
Sometimes copies can be found on internet sites such as ebay.

The National Dachshund Council of Australia published the black Handbook and Records 1990 -1995 in 1997.
Copies of this Handbook are available from the President, at the reduced price of $10.00 plus postage and packing.

The National Dachshund Council of Australia published the maroon Handbook and Records 1995 – 1999 in 2006.
Copies of this Handbook are no longer available.

The National Dachshund Council has completed a series of three Volumes of The National Dachshund Handbook and Records for Australia and New Zealand.
The three series of handbooks cover the period 2000 – 2014.

Volume 1 – 2000 – 2003    Sold Out
Volume 2 – 2004 – 2006    Six Copies available
Volume 3 – 2007 – 2014    Available in CD Only

Volume 3 2007-2014 NDC Handbook is now available for purchase on CD.
Pricing is as follows:
                                Australia and New Zealand      AUD$40.00 each including packing & postage
                                UK, USA and Asia Pacific         AUD$50.00 each including packing & postage

If you wish to purchase a copy of this Handbook please send an email to Mrs Kathy Anderson at:-

Kathy will advise payment details by return email.